Genetic Tests
Your uniqueness is encoded in your genes.
What is it?
Genetic tests are a study of your genes in one or several directions, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of your current condition in order to develop a set of solutions for its improvement.
A genetic test will show you:
- Determination of genetic predisposition to diseases.
- Personalized methods of treatment and disease prevention.
- Determination of the risk of inherited diseases.
How is it determined?
- It's very simple! All the data is stored in our DNA.
Use a cotton swab on the inner side of your cheek, let it dry, and place it in the package.
The kit includes a questionnaire about you and your health. You need to fill it out and submit it along with the package.
Hand over the package with the sample to the courier, it will be sent directly to the laboratory.
Within 14 days, a specialist will contact you to provide a detailed analysis of the
DNA Sampling
What you will receive as a result
To interpret the obtained data, we use a self-developed computational algorithm based on the principles of gene networks.
The results of the genetic test will be presented in a PDF file and organized in tables.

We use a technology based on a special method to increase the amount of DNA in the sample and then determine its sequence using fluorescent molecules.

These methods have the highest accuracy in detecting mutations.
Take a look at what the result will look like
In the file, one of the examples of genetic tests is presented. In our case, it is "Basis. Pediatrics".

Click on the "View Example" button, and the result will open in a new tab.
Choose a Genetic Test
The basic genetic test is a comprehensive study of a gene complex in a specific direction.
Genetic test for risk prevention of possible diseases and management of age-related changes based on gene analysis.
Genetic test for assessing the potential of the reproductive system and measures for its support.
Genetic test for accurate determination of the risk of hair loss and to develop an individual and effective therapy for prevention and treatment.
Genetic test that helps preserve youth and beauty and build an effective anti-aging program.
Genetic test for determining the innate characteristics of a child and their potential for talent development.
Basic Test
Basic Test
Basic Test
Basic Test
Basic Test
Basic Test
+ Longevity
+ Endocrinology
+ Trichology
+ Cosmetology
+ Pediatrics
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